Accedé desde aquí a los documentos duros del Foro de Davos sobre "Nueva Economía"

Los documentos del Foro Económico Mundial de Davos en su idioma original, para quienes deseen profundizar en datos duros y técnicos presentados allí.

Jobs of Tomorrow: The Triple Returns of Social Jobs in the Economic Recovery. A volatile global economic outlook today is exacerbated by rising inequality and widening polarization impacting the most disadvantaged groups in economies a... Descargar PDF

Catalysing Education 4.0: Investing in the Future of Learning for a Human-Centric Recovery. There is a unique window of opportunity to invest in Education 4.0: an approach to reimagining education in a way that is inclusive, focuses on a broad range... Descargar PDF

Global Risks Report 2022. The Global Risks Report series tracks global risks perceptions among risk experts and world leaders in business, government, and civil society. It examines r... Descargar PDF

Shaping an Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery: Acting Now for a Better Future. As the COVID-19 crisis continues, there is a widespread and profound realization that we must "build back better and broader", and an understanding of the gr... Descargar PDF

Chief Economists Outlook: June 2021. The June edition of the Chief Economists Outlook comes out amid improving aggregate recovery momentum, yet in a profoundly uncertain environment with widely ... Descargar PDF

Global Gender Gap Report 2021. Another generation of women will have to wait for gender parity, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2021. As the impact of the ... Descargar PDF

Chief Economists Outlook: January 2021. The approval of several COVID-19 vaccines in late 2020 has brightened public health and economic prospects for 2021. Yet, prior to the onset of the pandemic,... Descargar PDF

Building a Common Language for Skills at Work A Global Taxonomy. Building a Common Language for Skills at Work: A Global Taxonomy provides a framework for aligning around a universal language for skills. It synthesizes and... Descargar PDF

Upskilling for Shared Prosperity. In Collaboration with PwC. Descargar PDF

The Global Risks Report 2021. In partnership with Marsh McLennan, SK Group and Zurich Insurance Group Descargar PDF

Global Competitiveness Report Special Edition 2020: How Countries are Performing on the Road to Recovery. The Global Competitiveness Report series has since its first edition aimed to prompt policy-makers beyond short term growth and to aim for long-run prosperit... Descargar PDF

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